Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Movie Nerd Tattoos

King Leonidas from the movie 300 tattoo, what a great movie. Very raw and I love the comic book quality to the film.

Chris Farley - I think this is from the Movie Tommy Boy.. Kinda hard to tell, but it is for you Nicole.

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo - A very nice back piece well done, a little over the top but looks great.

I love this movie, what a great job playing the part of a true Psycho. America Psycho Tattoo

Tattoo looks terrible, I was expecting to see some fantastic Avatar Tattoos on the net but nothing good yet, if you see one feel free to email me.

Nice Tattoo of Marty McFly from Back to the Future. I can think of some better tattoos to fill my skin with but this one is not bad art.

Batman the Movie Tattoo

OK, this tattoo is a little disturbing - Taken from the movie Human Centipede, which you can read about here. After you read the wiki, you may realize how truly disturbing the concept for this movie really is.

Jim Carrey Tattoo in Ace Ventura - Pet Detective and a Pretty good depiction of "The Anchorman"

Nice Lord of the Rings Tattoo, loved the movie, wouldn't commit myself to the entire back piece but maybe something a little smaller to pay homage to a great flick.

Finding Nemo Tattoos - I loved Finding Nemo, when it came to the theater, my daughter was just at that age where this was a movie she could watch and watch it we did. We must have seen that movie 700 times. I loved Squirt, I loved the seagulls and I really loved Nemo's class mates (Tad(longnose butterfly fish), Pearl (octopus), Sheldon(Seahorse)

Johnny Depp in Alice in wonderland and Sweeny todd tattoo.

Great movie, great tattoo (at least the one on the right). Jack Nicholson in the Shining tattoo.

I remember going to the movies in high school with this girl who had just picked up her drivers license, she came to my house on a rainy night and took my friends and I up and took us to see this movie when it first came out. yep you guessed it.. her first accident while driving. During that month she was involved in three accidents and finally lost the car into the river. What, you say does any of this have to do with this chucky tattoo, nothing but a crazy summer.

Hey you want to see a great movie? Let's watch it and then you tell me what you think. A clockwork orange movie poster tattoo. "Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well."

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, good movie good tattoo's I think a good one would be the guy with the shrunken head in the waiting room.


  1. I always wanted to have the Joker tattoo on my right arm. I couldn't get it anywhere. It would be better if you could provide the address of the places where I can get them easily. Thanks.


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