Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Camera Tattoos - for all you Photography Nerds

Well it didn't take long to answer the question below, luckily I have some very knowledgeable friends. Hope you love the pics.

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I would love some help with this one, I would love to be able to name these cameras. Any of your Camera buffs out there know which cameras these are, if so comment the number and leave the name. I would really appreciate it, greatly.
(Already Answered)

1 - a TLR tattoo (twin lens reflex) 1960s-style camera; OSOK isn't a real brand, but looks like a Rolleiflex or Lubitel or the like. "One Shot One Kill"

2 - Polaroid Land Series tattoo; looks like a 240.

3 - Diana F+. tattoo

4 - Holga tattoo or possibly a Woca tattoo. (You pick)

5 - Lomography LC-A tattoo

6 - SLR or perhaps a rangefinder

7 - another SLR or rangefinder

8 - Kodak Instamatic 154 tattoo

9 - Nikon DSLR tattoo

10 - Hasselblad camera tattoo

11 - Canon SLR tattoo

12 - SLR tattoo Canon perhaps?

13 - Lomography Fisheye 1 tattoo


  1. 1. a TLR (twin lens reflex) 1960s-style camera; OSOK isn't a real brand, but looks like a Rolleiflex or Lubitel or the like.
    2. Polaroid Land Series; looks like a 240.
    3. Diana F+.
    4. Holga or Woca.
    5. Lomography LC-A.
    6. SLR or rangefinder.
    7. another SLR or rangefinder.
    8. Kodak Instamatic 154; takes 126 (discontinued) film.
    9. DSLR.
    10. Hasselblad.
    11. Canon SLR.
    12. SLR, looks like a Canon (same as #11).
    13. Lomography Fisheye 1.

    I have many of these cameras. ;)
    - L

  2. 6. SLR - RF doesn't have prism or central eye/viewfinder.

    7. Rangefinder. Early Leica, perhaps the iconic IIIf.

    11. Canon FD SLR - probably AE-1/A-1.

    12. Early SLR. Very similar to a Pentax Spotmatic - the yellow in the lens is a possible reference to the radioactive element in the early M42 50/1.4 that came with the early Pentaxes.

  3. 8. the tattoo is a Leica, he's holding a Kodak

  4. 4. Looks like it is a original Nikon F with no standard prism. It cant be a Holga or Woca since it has a mirror.

    6. is the back of a Nikon FM10

    7. Is a Leica IIIc Rangefinder w/ a 50mm f2 Summicron lens.

    11. Canon AE-1/AE- Program the A-1 has a switch by the advance lever that alows you to switch to full manual to shutter or aperture priority, this one does not.

    12 Is a Olympus Om-1(You have the rewind switch on the left side under the film advance lever The on off switch next to the rewind crank, the flash sync terminal on the right side behind the lens mount and the shutter speed selector dial is in front of that)