Friday, December 31, 2010

Bacon Tattoos - Bacon is good for me.

Nice crisp bacon tattoo..

Everyone needs a pair of bacon shoes

Bacon a love story by Heather Lauer

I love bacon tattoo

Bacon Bandaid Bandages

Bacon strips on arm tattoo

Bacon air-freshener (How have I lived this long without some bacon air-freshener)

Bacon Awareness Tattoo

Bacon Soap... come on, for real Bacon Soap this would make a great stocking stuffer.

Bacon heart tattoo

HOLY CRAP - Bacon Lollipops..

Bacon Frying Tattoo

Can't believe this is real, (looks photochopped) but Bacon Diet Coke

I had to post this one even against my better judgement.. Wash your feet before you post your pic on the internet. What are people going to think (wait.. you have I love bacon written on your feet.. I am pretty sure you don't care what people think!)

Does that say "cutloose" below the picture of this Dancing bacon tattoo?

After researching this category there may be some truth in this one.. 666 Bacon is evil..

Bacon slices on arm tattoo

I wonder if he is a fan of "Bacon" or if he is like the logitech review guy a fan of "BACON" as in Kevin Bacon.

Hmm? What is bacon salt? I guess I will need to try it. It must be good if it deserves a tattoo.

WOW.. Someone really loves their kids.. Bacon Suits all around.

Bacon armband tattoo

Gimme - Gimme - Gimme - Some yummy bacon tattoo!

You've got a friend in Meat.. Stuffed bacon toy!

Bacon is good for me!


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  2. I had a collection of some of them back some time ago and they were really liked by the teens at that time. Now its a bit different as not much teens want them but there are some extreme lovers of these as well.

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