Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Apple Tattoos

Think different apple on arm tattoo.

Wow.. Placement is well.. ODD..

What a fanboy.... err fangirl.. whatever, the shirt is even Apple..

Apple Think Different Tramp Stamp tattoo

Owww back of the arm and it looks fresh. But Apple pride all the way, Back of arm Apple tattoo

Please god remove this picture from the internet and then strike down the Fat nerd in it or perhaps his friend who took the pick. My eyes are now bleeding. I think we could have gotten the point of the tattoo with out so much Man-Boob.

In a sea of Fans, we have a hardcore hater. I like it. I wonder if this is Ballmer's wife.

You seen tribal Arm Bands, now for your viewing pleasure - Apple icon Arm Band tattoo

Arrrghhh and Apple Pirate tattoo

What is it with finger tattoos that irritates me so much. Maybe its is because I see them in so many pictures but I hardly ever notice them in real life. Apple finger icon Tattoos

Hey.. Another Apple pirate tattoo, seems kinda odd I thought the windowz and linux crowd was more "Pirate"

Right and wrong, happy and sad, good and evil.. Mac happy and sad tattoo

Safari Logo tattoo


  1. i never had liked the tattos on ones body , never even appreciated it when my favourite idols do it . but thsi site is good 4 people who do this on a regular base r maybe for the first timers .

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